Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review: Immortal City

Title: Immortal City
Author: Scott Speer
Publication: Razorbill
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Amazon Rating: 4 out of 5
My rating: 5 out of 5 

Summary: Maddie is a young adult who lives in Angel City. A place where Angels live. She absolutely hates Angels. Now the most famous Angel, Jackson Godspeed, finds himself in a situation where he has to hide in a diner. The waitress just happens to be Maddie, and the diner is run by her Uncle. Jackson ends up taking Maddie to glamorous parties and has her live the life he lives. In the city someone is killing Angels. No one kills Angels. Angels also have rules; they cannot save people they are not assigned to. Maddie's question is will he save her? 

My review: I loved this book. I pictured Jackson as basically a Zac Efron or any teenage heart throb. I have so much respect for Scott for comparing Angels to celebrities. Through out the book they were the celebrities being followed by paparazzi and couldn't get one place without being stopped by a fan. When Maddie and Jackson fall in love it is really sweet. He takes her to an event and allows her to get anything because it is her night. Well it is actually a party for him but they get all the goodies for free. Then there is this mystery on who is killing Angels. Then Jackson saved Maddie and now they have other people chasing them to separate them. Another thing that I liked about this book is that even though it is a series it actually had an ending. What I mean by that is that it didn't have a cliff hanger. Overall, this is a must read!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA for about 2 weeks now, sorry about that. July 20th was the first day of Ramadan, which is fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days. I get so excited about it every year! Even though no food or water till basically 8:30 p.m. That is why last week I never blogged. I was so tired and every time I opened my laptop I kept getting a headache. I didn’t even read last week, which is a huge surprise, I know. The great thing about it is that I know I am doing something great for my religion!

This week I am at the beach with my best friend and her family. We are at Topsail Island, North Carolina. Let me tell you the beach is so beautiful!!!! I love it! We have two houses filled with people. The house that I am staying at has about 14 people in it; the other house, which is right next door, has 16 people. So far it has been so sunny out. Today is the only day where we had really bad weather! It was thunder storming earlier, now it has cleared up but I don’t want to go into the water. Monday night we got to see baby sea turtles get released into the ocean. It was so cute to see their little legs run into the water.

And yes! I have been reading which I am pleased about. The only thing is I only read one Young Adult book, the rest are Adult books. The Adult books that I am reading are the Nikki Heat series, which is from the ABC show, Castle. One of the best shows ever! On the show it has a writer, Richard Castle, follow Detective Kate Beckett around on homicide cases for his murder mystery novel. Richard Castle writes the books that I am reading. In my opinion, I think it is so awesome that they have the author on the show actually have real books. Now whether he actually writes them or has someone else do it, beats me. I don’t really care because it is such a great read.

I will do my book review this Friday, I promise! It will be on Immortal City by Scott Speer. See you then! Well not actually see you but you know what I mean!