Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Review: Starlet's Web

Title: Starlet’s Web
Author: Carla J. Hanna
Publication: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 
Release Date: November 2, 2012
Amazon Rating: 5 out of 5
My rating: 5 out of 5

Summary: Liana Marie is a celebrity in the Hollywood world that most people fantasize about. While others fantasize she just wants to learn how to deal with it. She doesn’t know who she truly is. She has been in the business for all she can remember. Liana doesn’t know if she is the characters she plays or the Liana she truly is. On top of all this she is in love with her best friend, Manuel. She wants to express her feeling towards him but just can’t because she is afraid of what will come. Not to mention that she is about to graduate from her high school that she attends between the movies she makes.

My Review: Let me start off by saying how much I love this book! I mean loved it! Still can’t get over it. Every emotion that she goes through I went with her. When she was upset or angry I was too! When all she wanted to do was cry I did too! Even when she was filled with over joy I was too! I know weird but that was how great the writing was.
            Liana is a seventeen year old who just wants to be a normal teenager, not the movie starlet Marie. The Hollywood business knows her as Marie, while her true family and friends call her Liana, or Lia. What I loved about this character was that it was not just Hollywood fame problems; it was the same problems that most teenage girls go through.
            I loved Manuel as well. He is the best, best friend ever. He always wants to protect Liana and truly loves her as well. He drops anything and every thing just to be with her. Yet they both won’t come out with there feelings toward each other. Or will they? Mmm, I guess you have to read the book to find out.
            Another great thing about this book was how many plot twists there were. I mean a lot of plot twists that made me want to throw this book across the room but couldn’t because I had to turn the page to find out what happened next. As soon as thought that finally Liana can be happy some twist happens.
            Carla J. Hanna’s book is so great and I can’t wait for the second one to this series. I mean like I need to read the second book now! That is how good the first one was! Read it! I promise you won’t regret it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Editing My Blog

Okay (sigh), I'm trying to make my blog look better. For some weird reason I feel like something is missing, and i don't know what it is. I just figured out how to create pages. Yay! I have been trying to figure that out for so long now. I think that's what is missing because it will help me be organized. But I don't know how to put my old posts on my new pages :(. So confused. As you can tell I'm not that tech. savvy but still trying. If any of you guys know please tell me! (begging on knees) Please!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brigid Kemmerer Book Signing

OMG! Had the best day ever today! At my local Barnes and Nobles there was a book signing for the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer. For anyone who hasn’t read the series yet must read it. I did a book review for the first book, Storm, and the book review for the second book, Spark, will be posted tomorrow. Even though I read Spark a few days before it was released, but that was because I found it at Books a Million early.

Alexa and I made shirts for the event and everyone loved them, Brigid was crying. It was so amazing. So many people took pictures of our shirts. Then we met this amazing blogger Sarah from  

Brigid read a passage from her book and was able to answer plenty of questions. And the most exciting one was that she is going to write a novella from Nick’s point of view before the third book, Spirit, is released. The most secretive answer is that she is in the works on writing another series but its super secret. Then after we got our books we stayed a little bit longer to chat, mostly about other books. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Book Review: Austenland

Title: Austenland
Author: Shannon Hale
Publication: Bloomsbury
Release Date: May 29, 2007
Amazon Rating: 3.8 out of 5
My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Summary: Jane Hayes is a woman who lives in New York City with her obsession with Mr. Darcy. Not just any Mr. Darcy but the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Darcy. When her Great Aunt Carolyn passes away she leaves a trip to Austenland for Jane. Austenland is place where you can dress-up and go by day-to-day business as anyone in Jane Austen’s era. Of course Jane takes up the offer to stay in the resort for three weeks. Now will she actually find her Mr. Darcy?

My Review: Let me just start off by saying that this novel is not a young adult novel, it’s for adults. But nothing rated R happens in this book, so I do recommend it for any young adult who love Jane Austen novels. And Shannon Hale is a young adult author as well.
            I loved this book. It was so cute, and funny. Little quirks would make me burst out laughing at random moments. And the character is very relatable. Jane is a woman who wants to find her Mr. Darcy. Like any woman she wants her true love and the happily ever after. The problem is that she always compares the men she has dated to Mr. Darcy, and none of them hit that mark. So when her Great Aunt gives her a trip to Austenland she takes. I think it would be so much fun to go to a place and dress and act likes a different person completely. Women actually have to where a corset and no electronics allowed. You are literally submerged into the nineteenth century. The characters that she meets are the best. They all have different personalities. Mrs. Wattlesbrook owns the estate. Then other people play Jane’s Aunt and Uncle. Then there is Mr. Nobley, the Mr. Darcy you might say he is. He plays the role that fits Mr. Darcy at least. Then there is Thomas the gardener the one who has Jane break out of character. She ends up having feeling for Thomas then realizes that he is holding a big secret. The question comes down to should she pick the man of her dreams, the man who holds a secret, or the man who wants as much love as she does?
            Oh! And did I forget to mention that they are going to make this into a movie. I can’t wait for it to come out! I will keep you all posted when I find out when it will be released.



Sunday, September 9, 2012

Book Review: Divergent

Title: Divergent
Author: Veronica Roth
Publication: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: May 3, 2011
Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5
My rating: 5 out of 5

Summary: Beatrice, or Tris, lives in a dystopian society where Chicago is split into 5 different factions. At the age of sixteen Beatrice and the other sixteen year olds have to go through a test in order to pick what faction they have to live in. Beatrice ends up choosing a faction that is the complete opposite as her. In the new faction she meets a guy, Four, that she ends up having a love interest with. When they first met she changed completely, even changing her name to Tris. Then she finds out that certain another faction is about to go to war. Her life gets turned upside down and has to learn to change with it.  

My Review: Let me first just say that I don’t really like dystopian books, but this is one of the best I have ever read. I think I don’t like those kinds of books because I find them really un-realistic. But I need to get over that thought because I am missing out on a lot of good reads. I find Beatrice as one of the best female characters I have ever read about. She starts out being the reserved type and always does what she is told. Then after the test that her society takes when everyone turns sixteen, she takes a different path completely. Which I love because it shows that she is willing to take a risk on something new. While in the new faction she goes through a series of mini tests in order to become a Dauntless. She ends up falling for Four, an experienced Dauntless. What I love about their relationship is that it wasn’t an, I love now we are going to marry kind of thing. They grew into each other and it was more realistic. They new each other’s boundaries before they started anything. A lot of action, mystery, and suspense are in this book. It is a must read!



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Book Review: Storm

So, I'm at my local Barnes and Nobles with Alexa and we are both doing a review on this book. We both love it so much. Check out her blog at! 

Title: Storm

Author: Brigid Kemmerer
Publication: Kensington Teen
Release Date: April 24, 2012
Amazon Rating: 4.5 out of 5
My rating: 5 out of 5

Summary: Becca is a junior in high school having difficulty living her life with rumors that her ex-boyfriend spread about her. One night, after her self-defense class, she sees a fight happening right outside of the gym. One of the Merrick brothers, Chris, is getting his ass kicked by bullies. She becomes the heroine and tries to save his life even with all his protests. Then she finds out that the Merrick brothers have powers. Not just any powers, but the best ones. They have the ability to control the elements. Now shit just got real!

My Review: Okay, so I LOVE this book. I was very skeptical on getting this book because of the cover. I know I can’t believe I judged a book by its cover. And nothing was really bad about it; it was just weird how you have four hot guys staring you down. But it still kept getting my attention every time I passed it at my local Barnes and Nobles. And I started to really like the cover, to loving it. Then I found out that the author, Brigid Kemmerer, was coming for a book signing. So Alexa, my best friend, and I decided to go and get the book at the signing. Instantly, when I opened the book it never left my hands. It was that good. I hated putting it down to actually pay attention in class. I read this book a while ago but I wasn't blogging at the time so I'm posting about it now. 
            I love all of the characters! Well, except the people who are the bad guys. Becca is actually brave, tough, and actually knows how to defend herself. Not someone who all of a sudden knows how to fight. Then there is Chris and his brothers, Nick, Gabriel, and Michael. Chris is the youngest and has the ability to control water. Oh! And he has a crush on Becca. Nick and Gabriel are the twins and the middle children. Nick control air, and is the nice and academic geek with out the nerd kind of guy. Gabriel controls fire and is the bad boy guy who has a really good heart, and is sports driven. Then the oldest brother, Michael, controls earth. He also is the tough older brother since it’s only them. Then there is Hunter, the new kid in town. What’s his secret? Becca ends up dating him for a bit even though it is clear that she has feelings for Chris. I like Hunter though even though I want Becca with Chris. He is sweet and wants to protect Becca; it also helps that he has the best dog in the world.
            This book is a definetly a must buy hard copy version. I mean if you want and eBook go ahead, but it’s a must have! 


Friday, September 7, 2012

Book Review: A Long Way from You

Title: A Long Way from You  
Author: Gwendolyn Heasley
Publication: Harper Teen

Release Date: June 5, 2012
Amazon Rating: 4 out of 5
My rating: 3 out of 5

Summary: Kitsy is an upcoming senior who wants to do everything with art. When she has the opportunity to live in New York City, the place of her dreams, she grasps it. Her best friend Corrinne and her family live in New York and they give Kitsy the chance to stay with them for the summer. Kitsy then goes to an art school to pursue her dreams for the summer. She has her doubts about what her life is like now and whether she should stay a small town cheerleader with the big football player boyfriend, or the new art student she wants to become.

My Review: Okay so I do like this book, I only gave it a 3 out of 5 because it felt like something was missing. Or more like I knew what was going to happen and nothing was a surprise to me. A small town girl going to the Big Apple to pursue her dreams, cliché! I love clichés but it was too much for me. I love the character Kitsy, but even though she is seventeen she acts like she is fourteen. Kitsy is the sweet country girl who does everything for others and very little to herself. That is the greatest quality that anybody can have, to care about others before you. Once she gets the chance to finally do something for her with no costs she has to take it. The problem is once she gets to the city she changes, for the worse. She starts to have feelings for another guy. She still has a boyfriend back home. What should she do? I think the reason why I didn’t like it as much was because all the characters were a little too immature for me. Corrinne whines about everything and sounds like a brat, even though she does have a good heart. Hands, Kitsy’s boyfriend, is the big man in the small town. He hates how Kitsy wants to leave him to go to New York. But I do love their relationship its one of the most realistic relationships I have read. Tad is the older guy who wants to have a career in music that caught Kitsy’s eye. She can’t help but have feelings for him, even though she does live Hands. Then there is Ford, my favorite character, he is like the gay best friend that every girl wants. Over all I do like this book, I just think it is more for the 12-15 year old readers. For people my age it is a cute and easy book to read. I finished it in a day so I would recommend you get is as an eBook.



New Post! I Know its Been a While /:

I know, I know, I haven't been posting but it’s been really busy. My family chose to take our family trip at the end of August. Not complaining it was the best vacation ever! We went on the Disney cruise! BEST PLACE EVER, next to Disney World :) Then the weekend we came back, that Monday was when school started. Did I mention it is my first year in college? I love it though. It was really nerve racking at first but exciting at the same time. In most of my classes there is barely anyone my age. Most of them are older and have been to college before but just want to take more classes. I love my Intro. To Education class. It is the best class ever. I get so depressed when the class is over I just want to run back in and have another discussion. OMG and my schedule is amazing. I only have one class on Monday and Wednesday in the mornings so the rest of the day I’m off. On Tuesday and Thursday I’m done around 3:50. The best part is that I’m off on Friday, so I have a three-day weekend every week. I remember in high school I couldn’t wait till I had those days off.  
Did I mention I’m a published poet now? Yup, my work is actually out there! LOL! I’m grinning so much as I write this right now. At first I didn’t want people to know that my pieces are out there. But now I want to scream it out loud. It means a lot to me because I never really accomplished anything before. I never played any sports when I was little, or got an award for any school thing. That doesn’t mean I didn’t like playing sports, it was more back yard games if anything. And I did win like those grade awards but that’s not that big a deal when most of your classmates get them too. Getting my poems out there is like I just put my life on the line. Now anyone can read it and like it, or not. I think that’s why it is so hard for me to write my feelings on this blog. I’m afraid that readers will not or don’t want to hear what I have to say. But you know what? I don’t care anymore! It’s my writing if you like it GREAT! If you don’t comment and give me feedback on how I can get better at it. Remember I’m still a beginner.
Oh! And yesterday was my birthday! Now I’m 18! Ep! I was so calm yesterday though. I just went out to dinner with my family. I didn’t want a big party. I hate it when attention is on me and my family keeps making fun of me for it because I’m the only one that feels that way. My parents had to force me to have a graduation party. That’s how much I hate it when attention is on me.
So, now about future posts after I post this little (not really little) come back there will be a book review. Oh! and tomorrow there will be like nine more. Hehe! Yeah so I’ve been reading just not reviewing which is really sad, but that’s going to change and fast. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Book Review: Immortal City

Title: Immortal City
Author: Scott Speer
Publication: Razorbill
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Amazon Rating: 4 out of 5
My rating: 5 out of 5 

Summary: Maddie is a young adult who lives in Angel City. A place where Angels live. She absolutely hates Angels. Now the most famous Angel, Jackson Godspeed, finds himself in a situation where he has to hide in a diner. The waitress just happens to be Maddie, and the diner is run by her Uncle. Jackson ends up taking Maddie to glamorous parties and has her live the life he lives. In the city someone is killing Angels. No one kills Angels. Angels also have rules; they cannot save people they are not assigned to. Maddie's question is will he save her? 

My review: I loved this book. I pictured Jackson as basically a Zac Efron or any teenage heart throb. I have so much respect for Scott for comparing Angels to celebrities. Through out the book they were the celebrities being followed by paparazzi and couldn't get one place without being stopped by a fan. When Maddie and Jackson fall in love it is really sweet. He takes her to an event and allows her to get anything because it is her night. Well it is actually a party for him but they get all the goodies for free. Then there is this mystery on who is killing Angels. Then Jackson saved Maddie and now they have other people chasing them to separate them. Another thing that I liked about this book is that even though it is a series it actually had an ending. What I mean by that is that it didn't have a cliff hanger. Overall, this is a must read!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Whatever Wednesday

Hey guys! I know I have been MIA for about 2 weeks now, sorry about that. July 20th was the first day of Ramadan, which is fasting from sunrise to sunset for 30 days. I get so excited about it every year! Even though no food or water till basically 8:30 p.m. That is why last week I never blogged. I was so tired and every time I opened my laptop I kept getting a headache. I didn’t even read last week, which is a huge surprise, I know. The great thing about it is that I know I am doing something great for my religion!

This week I am at the beach with my best friend and her family. We are at Topsail Island, North Carolina. Let me tell you the beach is so beautiful!!!! I love it! We have two houses filled with people. The house that I am staying at has about 14 people in it; the other house, which is right next door, has 16 people. So far it has been so sunny out. Today is the only day where we had really bad weather! It was thunder storming earlier, now it has cleared up but I don’t want to go into the water. Monday night we got to see baby sea turtles get released into the ocean. It was so cute to see their little legs run into the water.

And yes! I have been reading which I am pleased about. The only thing is I only read one Young Adult book, the rest are Adult books. The Adult books that I am reading are the Nikki Heat series, which is from the ABC show, Castle. One of the best shows ever! On the show it has a writer, Richard Castle, follow Detective Kate Beckett around on homicide cases for his murder mystery novel. Richard Castle writes the books that I am reading. In my opinion, I think it is so awesome that they have the author on the show actually have real books. Now whether he actually writes them or has someone else do it, beats me. I don’t really care because it is such a great read.

I will do my book review this Friday, I promise! It will be on Immortal City by Scott Speer. See you then! Well not actually see you but you know what I mean!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatever Wednesday ( on a thursday)

Sorry for the delay! I know I was supposed to do this post yesterday but I was so busy so I couldn't. This is where I tell you the random things that happened to me the last few days and the days to come.

Starting with Saturday. I was spending the day with my sister and my dad. We went to the mall, out for lunch, and to the movies. We watched the new Spiderman movie, which by the way in my opinion the best Spiderman movie by far. That night I had a sleepover with my friends, Alexa and Kathleen. We went to Alexa's aunts house to help house sit. We stayed up till Sunday like at 4 in the morning.

Also, it was Alexa's birthday that day too. Funny story about that. It was a few minutes past midnight and we all didn't notice what time it was until Alexa went on facebook. She realized that people were saying happy birthday to her. Kathleen and I then noticed and we screamed happy birthday. Now Alexa is holding it against us since we didn't say it first and we were with her! LOL! Best night ever!

Nothing much happened on Monday :(

On Tuesday my mommy came home from her trip to Egypt! She loved it so much wish I could have gone with her but still had fun at home too. She got us moltos( spelling might be off)! Moltos are the best snacks in the world that you can only get in Egypt, at least that is the only place I have ever seen them. They are basically a chocolate filled croissant! I haven't had them in more than 5 yrs! I missed them so much! And my mom of course, eh. LOL just kidding love you mom <3!

On Wednesday my sister and I went to the pool with my little baby cousin. Well she isn't a baby anymore she is about to turn 4! I still can't belive it. She can stand in the 3 feet area! And she can even swim better than my sister and I (my sister is 15 and I am 17)! The pool time was cut short cuz it started to storm :( Oh and that night DALLAS the tv show was on. And I am obsessed with that show! I am even watching the original serious too!

Yup! So thats basically what happened to me the last few days :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Writing Monday

Here is one of my poems that I just wrote last night.

Make a Mark
By: Nadah Ali

My hands leaves a mark on the window.
My feet leaves a mark on the floor.
My eyes leaves a mark on the world.
My voice leaves a mark on the ears.
My heart leaves a mark on my loves own heart.
And if I wake up today, to find my last day tomorrow
At least I left a mark on something.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Review: Obsidian

Title: Obsidian
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Publication: Entangled Publishing 
Release Date: May 8, 2012 
Amazon rating: 4.5 out of 5
My Rating: 5 out of 5

Summary: Katy's life has an out of this world change (literally)! She moves to this small town in West Virginia, with her mom. And her next door neighbors just happen to be two teenagers just like herself. Not to mention that one of them is hot and sexy, Daemon. The rude, arrogent, hot tempered, stubborn... oh but so hot Daemon. All Katy can think about is Daemon and why he is so rude to her, after all they have just met. Turns out Daemon and his sister, Dee, are aliens! Yup aliens! Now Katy has to live with the fact that she has aliens as neighbors, she can't fight her feeling towards Daemon, hide the fact that she knows their secret to everyone, help hide them from evil alians and the Department of Defense. Oh and it is her senior year in high school. 

My review: I love, love, love this book. One of my favorites this year. Jennifer really knows how to make you love each and everyone of these characters. Katy is the shy, good girl who eventually changes her personality to this spunky, brave woman. She is also a blogger, which let me say was so exciting to read. I love how she loves to read books and gets so excited when she gets a new shipment in. Not going to lie this is what enspired me to go back to my own blog. Daemon is just so... well I don't know I love him. I love his many different mood changes. I did want to grab him out of the book and slap him a few times, but then go all googly eyes when he says something sweet. And I can't help but love his relationship with Katy. Their arguements were really funny to read. I was sceptical of this book at first. I mean come on a book about aliens, really. But I was so wrong. I kept picturing aliens as the gross disgustion ones like the ones in movies. Turns out they are not like that at all... well at least not in this book. I was lucky enought to get a signed copy of this book when Jennifer was at a signing in Boonsboro, MD. She is one of the sweetest authors i have ever met. Like I said one of my favorite books of all time. Can't wait for the second one to come out in August of this year. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I'm Back! (lol I know thats kinda weird but oh well!)

Okay, so I know I haven't been posting for a while and I apoligize for that. But now I am back in the game and will be definetly giving great book reviews.

So this is how my blog is going to be layed out:
Mondays- I will be posting some of my writing pieces.
Wednesdays- I will be posting random stuff. It will mostly consist of me blabbing about different things.
Fridays- I will be posting book reviews.
Saturdays- I will be posting videos of book reviews with my best friend and fellow blogger, writer, and reader.

Can't wait for tomorrow because it will be my first book review in a while. It will be on Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout. What I can say right now is that it was such a SUPER, FANTASTIC, AWSOME BOOK EVER! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hex Hall Series!!!

Hey guys, sorry it has been awhile since I posted but I have some great news. Today is the premiere of Rachel Hawkins new book, Spell Bound. It is the third and last book of the Hex Hall series. Today I also got my copy signed because Rachel was holding a book signing.

The series is a great series. It is about this teenage girl, Sophie Mercer, who has these certain powers. Through out the first book she has to learn how to use her powers at a school called Hex Hall. At the school there are also other Prodigium which are witches, faeries, werewolfs, and shapeshifters. Not to mention that she has a love interest with a boy named Archer. By the end of the novel Sophie finds out a huge secret about herself that she didn't even now. This series is a MUST!!!! READ!!!!! One of my favorite books I have ever read.

Above is a picture of Rachel Hawkins and I. She is super nice and sweet and I found out that she is going to write a spin off of the Hex Hall series. I also found out that she is going to start writing a new series. 

Monday, February 27, 2012

A poem I wrote

I don't normally write poems but I want to see what you guys think of this poem. It came to me in my Advanced Compostion class when we were listening to this reggae song about unity. 


Is it you or I
Stanger to stranger
Instead of fleeing
They are standing up to the danger

Becoming one
Peace, Love, and Happiness 
Defeating the anger and violence
To establish Unity.

Just got Allegiance!!!

Okay so I just got Allegiance by Cayla Kluver. I loved the first book to the series called Legacy. I am so excited to read it except it is so upsetting I just can't sit down and read it. I have been so busy with school, volunteers, homework, excercising, and chores. :( But that is going to change because I have free time from now on. YAY! :) I will probably read it while I am excercising.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My First Blog!!!! Yay!!!!

Hey everybody, this is my first time blogging about anything. As my first blog post I'm just going to tell you what you will see in the future. As you see from the title of the blog I will most likely be talking about books, mostly YA fiction. I will be giving my reviews on books that are out on shelves. I might also put some of my writing pieces on this so that I can get feedback from you viewers and see what you think. As for COFFEE well it just seemed to fit and its a plus because I love coffee. Other than that I'm just really excited to start a blog. I hope you guys will like what you see in future posts. :)