Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hex Hall Series!!!

Hey guys, sorry it has been awhile since I posted but I have some great news. Today is the premiere of Rachel Hawkins new book, Spell Bound. It is the third and last book of the Hex Hall series. Today I also got my copy signed because Rachel was holding a book signing.

The series is a great series. It is about this teenage girl, Sophie Mercer, who has these certain powers. Through out the first book she has to learn how to use her powers at a school called Hex Hall. At the school there are also other Prodigium which are witches, faeries, werewolfs, and shapeshifters. Not to mention that she has a love interest with a boy named Archer. By the end of the novel Sophie finds out a huge secret about herself that she didn't even now. This series is a MUST!!!! READ!!!!! One of my favorite books I have ever read.

Above is a picture of Rachel Hawkins and I. She is super nice and sweet and I found out that she is going to write a spin off of the Hex Hall series. I also found out that she is going to start writing a new series. 

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