Thursday, July 19, 2012

Whatever Wednesday ( on a thursday)

Sorry for the delay! I know I was supposed to do this post yesterday but I was so busy so I couldn't. This is where I tell you the random things that happened to me the last few days and the days to come.

Starting with Saturday. I was spending the day with my sister and my dad. We went to the mall, out for lunch, and to the movies. We watched the new Spiderman movie, which by the way in my opinion the best Spiderman movie by far. That night I had a sleepover with my friends, Alexa and Kathleen. We went to Alexa's aunts house to help house sit. We stayed up till Sunday like at 4 in the morning.

Also, it was Alexa's birthday that day too. Funny story about that. It was a few minutes past midnight and we all didn't notice what time it was until Alexa went on facebook. She realized that people were saying happy birthday to her. Kathleen and I then noticed and we screamed happy birthday. Now Alexa is holding it against us since we didn't say it first and we were with her! LOL! Best night ever!

Nothing much happened on Monday :(

On Tuesday my mommy came home from her trip to Egypt! She loved it so much wish I could have gone with her but still had fun at home too. She got us moltos( spelling might be off)! Moltos are the best snacks in the world that you can only get in Egypt, at least that is the only place I have ever seen them. They are basically a chocolate filled croissant! I haven't had them in more than 5 yrs! I missed them so much! And my mom of course, eh. LOL just kidding love you mom <3!

On Wednesday my sister and I went to the pool with my little baby cousin. Well she isn't a baby anymore she is about to turn 4! I still can't belive it. She can stand in the 3 feet area! And she can even swim better than my sister and I (my sister is 15 and I am 17)! The pool time was cut short cuz it started to storm :( Oh and that night DALLAS the tv show was on. And I am obsessed with that show! I am even watching the original serious too!

Yup! So thats basically what happened to me the last few days :)

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