Saturday, September 15, 2012

Brigid Kemmerer Book Signing

OMG! Had the best day ever today! At my local Barnes and Nobles there was a book signing for the Elemental series by Brigid Kemmerer. For anyone who hasn’t read the series yet must read it. I did a book review for the first book, Storm, and the book review for the second book, Spark, will be posted tomorrow. Even though I read Spark a few days before it was released, but that was because I found it at Books a Million early.

Alexa and I made shirts for the event and everyone loved them, Brigid was crying. It was so amazing. So many people took pictures of our shirts. Then we met this amazing blogger Sarah from  

Brigid read a passage from her book and was able to answer plenty of questions. And the most exciting one was that she is going to write a novella from Nick’s point of view before the third book, Spirit, is released. The most secretive answer is that she is in the works on writing another series but its super secret. Then after we got our books we stayed a little bit longer to chat, mostly about other books. 


  1. :) Love you and your friend's T-shirts!!!!!! Beautiful puffy painting job! I'm glad you enjoyed this event too!